Beginning Steps Christian Preschool Ministry

Director Job description

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Title:  Director

Hours: Monday though Friday – 40 hours per week



Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education or related field (or) 

                 Associate Degree in same fields with 3 years child care experience

General business and accounting knowledge

Proficient  with the use of Microsoft Office Products 

Proficient with QuickBooks or other financial package

General Responsibilities

  1.  Work under the direction of the Pastoral Staff and First Baptist Child Care Ministry Board.
  2. Serve as an ex-officio member of the Child Care Ministry Board and attend all Child Care Ministry Board meetings and its committees.
  3. Work in collaboration with Pastoral and Beginning Steps staff to meet the objectives of the ministry.
  4. Understand and conform to health, safety and licensing regulations.
  5. Handle all matters related to the administration of the Beginning Steps ministry and to specific aspects thereof.
  6. Keep records that pertain to the administration of the Beginning Steps ministry.
  7. Administer policies of admission, attendance, tuition and educational goals.
  8. Plan and implement a program of professional, personal and spiritual growth. 
  9. Keep abreast of research and new developments in the field of early childhood.
  10. Prepare monthly reports on the state of the Beginning Steps ministry.
  11. Actively participate in professional organizations pertaining to early childhood.
  12. Supervise the management of classroom schedules.
  13. Schedule the use of shared classroom space and equipment with the Church Office & Pastoral Staff.
  14. Establish and monitor the responsibilities of the Beginning Steps staff.
  15. Coordinate short-term and long-term plans for the overall growth of the Beginning Steps Ministry.
  16. Coordinate with the Pastoral Staff, Child Care Ministry Board and Property Board  changes in equipment and/or facility.

 Fiscal Responsibilities


  1. Prepare a Beginning Steps annual budget to present to the Child Care Board for approval.
  2. Operate the Beginning Steps Ministry within the budget.
  3. Oversee the purchase of supplies for daily use.
  4. Purchases major equipment with approval from the Child Care Board.
  5. Prepare monthly and year-end reports on the status of the Beginning Steps budget.
  6. Process payroll which includes timesheet records, filing Federal and State taxes and preparing W-2’s for employees.
  7. Manage Accounts Payables and Receivables.
  8. Interact with the Stewardship Board and Treasurer in regards to financial matters when necessary.  Provide information to Treasurer for quarterly and annual tax filings. 
  9. Oversee fund-raising initiatives.

 Space and Equipment


  1. Plan for and equip indoor and outdoor areas with the Pastoral Staff and Property Board.
  2. Replace equipment when necessary in conjunction with the Pastoral Staff and Property Board.
  3. Coordinate for custodial care, maintenance and repairs, in conjunction with the  Property Board.
  4. Stock and manage supplies.
  5. Oversee Beginning Steps bus insuring that annual inspections, maintenance, & driver certifications are completed.



  1. Supervise all Beginning Steps staff.
  2. Recruit and hire applicants to fill Beginning Steps staff vacancies.
  3. Arrange for substitute help as needed.
  4. Conduct quarterly scheduled Beginning Steps staff meetings.
  5. Plan and implement an in-service program for the Beginning Steps staff.
  6. Assist Beginning Steps staff in planning individual goals for professional, personal, spiritual and career growth and encourage participation in professional conferences, lectures and other educational events.
  7. Meet with individual staff members to solve any problems that may occur.
  8. Plan and implement procedures for keeping classroom records.
  9. Update Beginning Steps staff handbook each new year in cooperation with the Child Care Board.
  10. Keep personnel records.



  1. Children will generally be enrolled on a first-come basis. First Baptist Church families will be given preference during enrollment.  
  2. Meet and review policies with parents of newly enrolled children and prospective students.
  3. Be alert to enrollment needs at all times.
  4. Maintain an advertising and public relations program to promote enrollments.


  1. Maintain parent relationships.
  2. Communicate Beginning Steps and First Baptist Church information regularly with parents.
  3. Discuss behavior issues or concerns with parents when necessary. 
  4. Update Beginning Steps parent handbook each new year in cooperation with the Child Care Board.

 Health and Safety


  1. Plan and implement a health and safety policy for the Beginning Steps Ministry.
  2. Keep informed of the Beginnng Steps Ministry legal responsibilities and liabilities.
  3. Enforce pertinent state health guidelines.
  4. Enforce all First Baptist Church and Beginning Steps Ministry policies and procedures.
  5. Maintain a referral system for children who may have special needs.
  6. Plan and implement the food program along with the food service worker.
  7. Establish rules for playground safety and a maintenance program for the equipment.
  8. Plan for and conduct fire, tornado, and lock-down drills.
  9. Oversee that the Beginning Steps staff has proper First Aid/CPR training.

 Children's Activities


  1. Organize procedures for the management of children's on-site and off-site activities and routines.
  2. Plan the curriculum/educational program for all classrooms in collaboration with  Beginning Steps staff, Pastoral staff, and the Child Care Board.
  3. Plan for the evaluation of the child in relation to their progress, abilities and special needs in collaboration with other staff.
  4. Ensure children have daily spiritual development activities that are coordinated with Pastoral Staff and support the ministry of First Baptist Plainfield. 

Church and Community Relationships


  1. Welcome visitors to the Beginning Steps ministry and provide tours of facility and answer any questions. 
  2. Communicate Beginning Steps information regularly with Pastoral Staff, Church Office, and Child Care Board.
  3. Coordinate with the church calendar.
  4. Meet with Pastoral Staff as needed.
  5. Coordinate Beginning Steps volunteers from First Baptist Church.
  6. Arrange for events sponsored by the Beginning Steps ministry as a service to the community, as approved by the Pastoral Staff and Child Care Board.